Classes of business

Our extensive experience and knowledge in amusement and entertainment industry risk management encompasses, but is not limited to, the following classes of business:

  • Allied Water Park
    Amusement Parks and Waterparks

    Annually more than 375 million people descend on America’s 400 amusement facilities.  43% of families visit a local amusement park at least once a year.  We offer clients the perfect mix of innovative and affordable risk management solutions tailored to your needs.  Because we are well versed in the complexity of the risks involved in operating an Amusement and or Waterpark we know what coverages are necessary.

  • Allied Roller Coaster
    Carnivals and Independent Ride Operators

    In the U.S. alone, over 500 million guests visit traveling carnivals and circuses.  We have been crafting custom insurance for Carnivals since our beginnings in 1983.  Our expertise includes coverages for small independent ride operators, to circuses and many of the country’s largest traveling carnivals.  We understand what it takes to move your business, set it up, tear it down and operate in all types of weather conditions, and locations.  We understand what it takes to do what you do, to provide the fun and entertainment to millions across North America.

  • Allied Concessionaires

    There are unique risks for concessionaires and we know what coverages are needed to manage them.  We have been at it since our beginning, our expertise has continued to grow and change along with the innovations in the concession arena.  While our clients’ needs grow and change we are able to be there for them and readily adapt to these needs.  It is exciting to see the growth and changes that concessionaires bring to the food and game experience that millions of guests enjoy.

  • T.H.E. - Child
    Fairs and Festivals

    Fairs or festivals can range in size from a smaller community festival event to larger fairs such as county and state fairs. These events feature exhibits, carnivals, concessions and much more. Because of our depth in knowledge in all aspects of a fair or festival, we know what coverages are needed. There are many cases where we not only place insurance for the fair, but also, the carnival providing the midway as well as many of the independent ride operators and concessionaires. We know what the whole insurance picture of a fair or festival looks like!

  • Allied Carousel
    Family Entertainment Centers

    Family Entertainment Centers include a wide range of activities such as mini golf, go carts, batting cages, arcades, rock walls and more.  As new attractions become popular, we are equipped to evaluate and underwrite these new additions.  With our comprehensive experience in providing the insurance needs for FEC’s we know what the needs are in this segment of the industry.

  • Allied Fireworks

    Allied has been providing risk management for the ever-changing and sophisticated needs of the fireworks industry since 1983.  As technology evolves, we are uniquely positioned to develop the right set of coverages for fireworks displays, retail, including non-fireworks and fireworks inventory while stored and while in transit.  We understand the challenges that the Fireworks Industry faces while striving to provide their customers the beautiful displays and amazing products that bring so much joy to communities, events and individuals.  We have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the needs of our clients.

Additional Classes of Business include, but are not limited to:

Amusement Centers, Arcades, Campgrounds, Canoe & Boat Rentals, Circus, Concert, Direct Sales, Entertainer, Exhibit, Go Kart, Ice Cream Vendor, Ice Skating, Independent Ride Operator, Laser Tag, Miniature Golf/Driving Range, Paint Ball, Parasailing, Petting Zoo, Rodeo, Saddle Horses, Ski Resort, Special Event, Surf Parks, Watersport, Zoo.