Our Story

Allied Specialty Insurance (“Allied”) was founded in 1983 by Paul ‘Duke’ Smith and was managed by his son David Smith until his father’s passing in 2002, at that time David took the lead. In 2004 at David’s passing his wife Mary Chris Smith stepped in to lead the company. Her family and David's have been part of the amusement industry for generations. We were created - and continue to be operated by - “children of the amusement and entertainment industry.” Genuinely understanding and appreciating the operations of this industry comes best from having lived it. Having “lived it” sets us apart from other providers. As they say, “It takes one to know one”, and we can proudly say we are “one”!

Our family ties and unprecedented love for the Amusement Industry shines through in our service. We care about the Amusement Industry and it shows in our work. The Allied team has well beyond 200 collective years of in-depth Amusement Industry exposure which amplifies our superior capabilities in providing specialized insurance services to the amusement and entertainment community. In fact some members of our organization have been with us for over 20 years! Our team of matchless and exceptional industry talent is genuinely excited about the Amusement Industry’s future and looks forward to working with its members to promote prolonged success.

At Allied, this commitment also extends to industry organizations which we have partnered with since 1983. As business owners in the Amusement Industry, the Allied founders understood that industry organizations are critical to keeping the business thriving and growing. Without industry organizations, we would not have the navigation tools needed to deal with the challenging regulatory and economic environment facing us. We continue to participate and support many of them today. Through our years of involvement in annual dinners, conventions, banquets, golf tournaments, scholarship funding and so on, we have built shared memories that have molded the support structure behind this exclusive industry; an industry so few from the outside truly know. We are proud of sharing our “insider” industry knowledge, love and commitment with these supporting organizations, and look forward to many more years of creating memories with industry partners, our clients and other organizations who count on Allied’s continued partnership.

Allied looks forward to many more years of serving and supporting this unique industry they truly know and love.