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Additional Partners

Arizona Fairs Association

Arizona Showmens Association

Arkansas Fair Managers Association

Hot Springs Showmens Association

Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows

Connecticut Agricultural Fairs

Florida Federation of Fairs

Florida Attractions Association

Florida Festivals and Events Association

Georgia Association of Agricultural Fairs

Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs

Indiana Association of Fairs

Association of Iowa Fairs

Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows

Kansas Fairs and Festivals Association

Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals

Maine Association Agricultural Fairs

Maryland Association of Agricultural Fairs and Shows

Massachusetts Agricultural Fairs Association

Miami Showmens Association

Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions

Midwest Showmens Association

Minnesota Association of County Fairs

Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals

Nebraska Association of Fair Managers

New England Showmens Association

New York State Showpeoples Association

New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs

North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs

National Showmens Association

Northwest Showmens Club

Ohio Fair Managers Association

Greater Ohio Showmens Association

Oregon Fairs Association

Pacific Coast Showmens Associaiton

Pennsylvania State Showmens Association

Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs

Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs

Roller Skating Association

Showfolks of America

Showmens League of America St. Louis Chapter

South Carolina Association of Fairs

Texas Association of Fairs and Events

Texas Festivals and Events Association

Tennessee Association of Fairs

Virginia Association of Fairs

Vermont/New Hampshire Agricultural Fair Association

Washington State Fairs Association

Western Fairs Association

Wisconsin Association of Fairs

West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals